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by Christopher Brinckerhoff and Irving Uriostegui

Which south loop college has smarter students: Columbia, Roosevelt or DePaul? Though DePaul had the highest incoming freshman GPA average in 2007, according to school officials, students said GPA doesn’t convey smarts.

The limited scope of this survey is not the final word on south loop college student intelligenc. Rather, it is a glimpse of school pride and reputation.

The average high school GPA of incoming freshmen in fall 2007 was 3.0 at Roosevelt University, 3.1 at Columbia College and 3.5 at DePaul University, on a four-point scale.

What makes up a student’s smarts? Is it knowledge, experience or charisma? The college students said it’s a combination of all three.

Appearing in the video, in alphabetical order: Davis deVane, Lisa Forkin, Emily Jungles, Abby Lodzinski, Brittany Reed, Stephanie Serine, Kelly Thames.

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